So I just posted this to my facebook:

"Had an awesome birthday! I had to have some photos taken of me cause I felt really good. I’m 23 and tired of feeling shame for who I am/where I come from. This is me, this is where I come from. I’m a big, gorgeous, struggling latina-american-chicana feminist, wannabe-fatshionista living in a trailer park in Channelview, Tx. I love taking photos of people and things and I think I’m pretty alright. I’m done with feeling ashamed of who I am and where I come from, these things do not hold me back or stop me from wanting to be happy and make art."

I don’t normally share this kind of content on my facebook and have always tried to hide where I live or find ways to minimize my body and stay quiet when I hear people fat shaming. Well not anymore. I am so done. I turned 23 today and had a revelation. If people don’t like how I feel, how I look or where I come from, fuck them. I can’t please everyone and if you’re gonna judge me, go right ahead. I’m just gonna keep living life and try my best to make the most out of what I have. If that means living with my parents in a trailer park and a good day consist of them not drinking or doing hard drugs, then so be it. This is my reality and I’m tired of being discriminated for it. This is me. I am a fat hot bitch living in a low class situation and sometimes I feel good enough about myself to make these kinds of post and have these kinds of photos taken of me.

Photos taken by my lovely boyfriend!

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